Residential Gas Furnace and Boiler Servicing

• This includes inspection, cleaning and replacement of the thermocouple, together with a complimentary visual inspection of the Hot Water Tank.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

• Preventative Maintenance Programs are specifically designed for each building. Most programs initially involve a detailed inspection, followed by regular quarterly re-inspections thereafter. The length of Service Contract for this type of program is usually one year, and requires an annual renewal for subsequent quarterly inspections.

Solar Water Heating

• Solar Water Heating systems typically convert the sun’s energy to a renewable source for heating water through a solar thermal collector, which absorbs the solar radiation. Basically, the heat from the solar collector is then transferred to water passing through the panels, which are usually installed on the roof, thus reducing excessive costs for alternate energy required to provide adequate hot water for your home or business. (More ecoENERGY below…) This technology is rapidly growing in popularity and conforms to modern attitudes regarding environmental strategies to reduce carbon footprints as a green choice to combat climate change. To acknowledge more incentives, the Government of Canada proclaims “The program’s objective is to support energy technology innovation to produce and use energy in a cleaner and more efficient way.” Find out more about the ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative…

Stevens Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has consistently endorsed and utilized technologies for reducing environmental impact for the many generations that will follow us all. If you have any enquiries or intend to upgrade your conventional water heating system please call our Office and ask for a free telephone consultation with John. We serve Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and other North Shore communities.

Other Services

• Backflow Prevention Device repair, replacement, installation and testing

• Preventative Maintenance Programs