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Stevens Plumbing & Heating Ltd. strives to give friendly, courteous and timely service to our customers at competitive rates.
Stevens Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Serving the local Vancouver area
  • Servicing...
  • City of Burnaby
  • North Shore:
  • North Vancouver (City or District)
  • West Vancouver
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Deep Cove
  • Lions Bay
  • City of Vancouver:
  • Downtown
  • West End
  • East Van
Please call us at 604-988-8822 for information regarding other Metro Vancouver or Lower Mainland jurisdictions. Review comprehensive details describing our preferred Service Area...

Company Policies, About Us

Please visit our About Us page for additional information about our qualifications at Stevens Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We also invite you to view the Policies page for additional details regarding our company's policies and mandate.

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Certified, Professional Plumbers
Photo by Nick Procaylo, The Province Newspaper
Stevens Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
employs only Qualified Plumbers
Expertise, Quality, Service
Stevens Celebrated 35 Years!
Stevens Plumbing & Heating
Celebrated 35 Years in 2015
Quality since 1980
Stevens Celebrated 30 Years!
Stevens Plumbing & Heating
Celebrated 30 Years in 2015
Service Stars since 1980
Stevens Celebrated 25 Years!
Stevens Plumbing & Heating
Celebrated 25 Years in 2005
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